Cream Tea: The Great Devon Cornwall Divide

Cream teas consist of hot scones, sticky strawberry jam and clotted cream. Mmmmmmm. But is it cream then jam, the Devon way, or jam then cream, as they do in Cornwall. 

And actually, that's not the only difference. There's the matter of butter. In the Devon way scones are not buttered. Instead, warm, fresh baked scones are split in two, with lashings of clotted cream on each side, then jam on top. And yes, while the Cornish way does include butter, the bigger difference is that traditionally, they did not even have scones. Instead, something called a Cornish Split was used. These are now very rare, and in most cases, scones have taken over. The warm scones, are buttered, then spread with strawberry jam, and then topped with clotted cream.   

Now you know the difference, which do you prefer? Personally, we are just going to have to try both, several times, to see which is our favourite.

If you're doing the same, come back next week for our favourite way to make delicious hot crumbly scones.

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