Ever wanted that french experience when you have guests over?? Macarons are the most perfect, edible little gifts of french joy you can give to anyone. Macarons are small round meringue-based confection discs filled with either ganache, buttercream or jam filling, depending on the flavor. They have a huge range of flavors from vanilla to chocolate to orange and raspberry. What makes the macaron stand out is its visual appeal as well as its taste. Macarons come in a wide variety of colours ranging from bright oranges, yellows to greens and turquoise to pastel lilacs and pinks.

Even though the Macarons are very small they are absolutely packed with an abundance of flavor and sweetness that you don’t need to stuff your face with loads of them. Just a few is enough to satisfy your needs.These delicious delights, are light, delicate, colourful, sweet and rich with flavor. They’re the perfect item to give you that french experience at home, enjoy with a coffee or to give as a gift.

You can make them yourselves but I prefer to pop down to a macaron shop in central london. Some of my favourites are like Cafe-on, Laduree, Lanka or Pierre Herme.

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