Prices & Packages

Individual Prices


Teacup                                           £0.75

Saucer                                           £0.75

Side Plate                                     £1.00

Teapot                                          £4.00                                          

Milk jug                                       £0.75

Sugar Bowl                                £0.75

Cake/Sandwich Plate           £2.00

Two Tier Cake Stand             £3.00

Three Tier Cake Stand          £4.00



We can currently offer packages for up to 60 guests. However, our collection is growing almost every day, as we cannot resist gorgeous china, so if you do require a larger package, please do ask. 


A set contains


1 Teapot

1 Cake Stand or Cake Plate

1 Milk Jug

1 Sugar Bowl

6 Cups

6 Saucers

6 Tea plates


This is the smallest package, catering for 6 guests, and will cost £19. Please consult our individual price list above for smaller numbers




Package Prices


Matching Trio: Teacup, Saucer & Side Plate        £2 pp

Teapot, Cake Stand, Milk Jug & Sugar Bowl        £7 per table (per 5/6 people depending on your table size)





*please contact us with your requirements for a very competitive quote on a personalised package